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Chief Executive Officer

Eliott Prezerowitz

Eliott Prezerowitz was born in Brussels and lived in Madrid, Lisbon, Paris, and Los Angeles area before moving to Washington, D.C. He is currently a second-year student studying international relations, science, and technology at Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service. Eliott is also a part of the World Jewish Congress' Diplomatic Corps Academy, through which he founded MemoryBox.


Beyond MemoryBox and the World Jewish Congress, Eliott also works for UNICEF in its Public Partnerships Division, contributing to the international financial assistance for various crisis contexts worldwide, in coordination with the World Bank and IMF.

Eliott loves to try out new experiences such as paragliding and scuba diving with his friends and enjoys traveling to discover the world! 


Chief Marketing Officer

Braeden Levine

Braeden Levine holds a bachelor's degree in Finance from Georgetown University's McDonough School of Business in Washington, D.C. At Georgetown, he has also completed his minor in Jewish Civilization. In addition, Braeden works extensively in the field of software development and has started multiple businesses, one of which is a data platform that enables historical and memory organizations to collect data, display it interactively (maps, timelines, etc.) and educate the world. This summer, he will be starting his career in Sales and Trading at RBC Capital Markets in New York.


Chief Recruitment Officer

Zach Fidlon

Zach Fidlon was born and raised in the suburbs of Philadelphia. Zach is in his second year at Georgetown University, studying Neurobiology with a minor in Theology and Religious Studies. He is passionate about healthcare and works as an EMT both on and off campus. Zach is also very engaged with Georgetown's vibrant Jewish community. In his free time, Zach enjoys to read, bake, and learn new skills.

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Communications Officer

Ronan Tuffy

Coming soon!

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Ambassador Corps Director

Sam Prezerowitz

Sam is a student at a Jewish Community Day school. He was born in Portugal, lived in Paris, and is currently based in California. Sam is very passionate about history, rocket science/engineering, and film making. He uses his love for history and film to express Jewish culture. Sam founded a movie club to analyze movies related to Judaism and recently took the initiative to invite world famous World War Two art restitution lawyer E. Randol Schoenberg to his school. Through this initiative, Sam shared the incredible story of Maria Altmann and the “Woman In Gold” Supreme Court case with over 100 students and teachers. In addition to his leadership skills, Sam has a great sense of humor and an abundance of creativity which he most often expresses through the movies he produces.

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Chief Technology Officer

Aiden Ehrenreich

Originally from New Jersey, Aiden Ehrenreich is a sophomore at Georgetown University studying Computer Science and Government. Aiden believes it is important to conserve the history of the Holocaust and publish the stories of survivors while we still can, and hopes to contribute to doing so with MemoryBox. In his spare time, Aiden enjoys grilling, hiking, baking, and reading. 


Chief Communications Officer

Benedikt Putz

Benedikt is a third-year undergraduate student at Sciences Po Paris where he studies Political Humanities and International Relations. He is originally from Stuttgart (Germany), but currently on exchange at Georgetown University in Washington, DC. Throughout his studies, he has been very active in multiple initiatives with the goal of fostering interreligious dialogue and multicultural understanding. These include the European Youth Parliament, the Young European Federalists, and Coexister France. He also currently serves as an editor for a pan-European youth magazine. Moreover, ever since learning about the local Jewish history in Będzin (Poland) and Sofia (Bulgaria), two places Benedikt was fortunate to call home, he has been passionate about researching Jewish heritage in Central and Eastern Europe. Benedikt is very excited to be part of the MemoryBox initiative and looking forward to contributing to its success!

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