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Communications Officer

Ronan Tuffy

Raphaela Levi is in her second year studying International Relations and Environmental Studies at American University in Washington, DC. She carries an extensive list of extracurriculars because of her passion for social justice, anti-racism and environmentalism. In her home town of Orange County, California, she was a leader in her Jewish community; as President of her Synagogue’s regional youth group she organized community events and service project oppurtunities. She spends her summers working with Jewish youth in Summer Camp as a counselor and even ran a day camp for Refugee children in Seattle, Washington. 

During the pandemic shutdowns, she started an Instagram store to raise money for the NAACP and became a Teen Ambassador for Human Options, an anti domestic violence non-profit. 

Raphaela is excited to be a part of the MemoryBox team and is ready to make a difference!

Chief Marketing Officer

Braeden Levine

Braeden Levine is a third year student studying Finance at Georgetown University's McDonough School of Business in Washington, D.C. At Georgetown, he has also completed his minor in Jewish Civilization. In addition, Braeden works extensively in the field of software development and has started multiple businesses, one of which is a data platform that enables historical and memory organizations to collect data, display it interactively (maps, timelines, etc.) and educate the world. This summer, he will be working in Sales and Trading at RBC Capital Markets in New York.

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Ambassador Corps Member

Itzchak Matatyahu

Itzchak Matatyahu is a 20 year old who has lived his whole life in Milan. He has always been very invested and active in the Jewish community of Milan. Itzchak attended the Jewish school of Milan, was a part of the Bnei Akiva Youth Movement, and, ultimately, became a Madrich or 'Counselor'. Itzchak has also always interacted with non-Jewish people, and many of his closest friends are not Jewish. He has discovered how little people generally know about Judaism, Israel, and all topics that regard the Jewish religion. As a well-educated man, Izchak believes he must help educate others on a subject dear to him: his religion, beliefs, country, and people.

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Ambassador Corps Member

Santiago Stekolschik

Santiago Stekolschik is 19 years old and lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He has worked as a Madriij in a club called Macabi since 2021 and this year is in charge of a group of 12-year-old children. Although he started working as a Madrij in 2021, his commitment with the Jewish Community didn't start there. He received a thorough Jewish Education in both elementary and high school and has been going to Jewish clubs since he was 3 years old. In addition, his family celebrates the Jewish festivals of Pesaj (Pesach) and Rosh Hashanah. Santiago wants to be a part of MemoryBox because he thinks that it is very important to remember the past of the Jewish people and, in order to do that, young people must play a central role.


Ambassador Corps Member

Sophie Schwartz

Sophie Schwartz is a junior in high school at Tarbut V’ Torah, an Jewish day school in Irvine. She is an avid writer and as a freshman in high school she founded her school newspaper and still serves as the Editor In Chief today. She also publishes stories for the LA Times High School Insider. Combining a passion for mental health and writing, Sophie has brought journaling classes to underrepresented populations to help boost their mental wellbeing and help them develop a love for writing like she has. Her involvement in NAMI (National Alliance of Mental Illness) has also helped her further her mission. In her free time, Sophie enjoys chilling out with friends, binging TV shows, playing tennis and trying different cuisines of food. Sophie is super excited to be part of this initiative!


Ambassador Corps Member

Leah Mahgerefteh

Leah Mahgerefteh is currently a junior in high school. It is very important for Leah to educate others about Judaism and the Holocaust so that she can help put a face to Judaism. Leah is even in a program called "Student to Student" in which she goes to different high schools and educates people about Judaism. In her free time, she enjoys hanging out with her friends and playing tennis. She is really excited to work with MemoryBox and help educate the world about the rich history of various Jewish families.


Chief Communications Officer

Benedikt Putz

Benedikt is a third-year undergraduate student at Sciences Po Paris where he studies Political Humanities and International Relations. He is originally from Stuttgart (Germany), but currently on exchange at Georgetown University in Washington, DC. Throughout his studies, he has been very active in multiple initiatives with the goal of fostering interreligious dialogue and multicultural understanding. These include the European Youth Parliament, the Young European Federalists, and Coexister France. He also currently serves as an editor for a pan-European youth magazine. Moreover, ever since learning about the local Jewish history in Będzin (Poland) and Sofia (Bulgaria), two places Benedikt was fortunate to call home, he has been passionate about researching Jewish heritage in Central and Eastern Europe. Benedikt is very excited to be part of the MemoryBox initiative and looking forward to contributing to its success!


Chief Recruitment Officer

Zach Fidlon

Ruthie is soon entering her second year at American University in Washington D.C. where she studies Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. She has been involved in social action concerning women’s issues and was the president of the Gender Equality Movement at her high school. Ruthie has grown up learning about the importance of helping others and is passionate about trans, disability, civil, and women’s rights. She is so excited to be working with Memory Box in efforts to combat antisemitism through telling personal and powerful stories. 


Eliott Prezerowitz

Ambassador Corps Member | Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Eliott Prezerowitz

Eliott Prezerowitz was born in Brussels and lived in Madrid, Lisbon, Paris, and Los Angeles area before moving to Washington, D.C. He is currently 18 years old and a first-year student studying international relations, science, and technology at Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service. For the past year, Eliott has been a Lauder Fellow at the World Jewish Congress through which he founded MemoryBox and has had the honor of being part of a delegation to the U.S. Government at the White House and Department of State. Eliott is also the Treasurer elect of the Georgetown European Club and has organized events at various European embassies for Georgetown University students.


Prior to that, he was the president of his school's National Honor Society through which he spearheaded a fundraiser and educational campaign to finance defibrillators and first aid equipment for Ukrainian refugees and civilians. Eliott also designed and implemented a 1st-12th grade tutoring program for Jewish youth from his community and volunteered for Young Philanthropists, an organization that inspires itself from Jewish values to help various local groups in need.

Eliott loves to try out new experiences such as paragliding and scuba diving with his friends and enjoys traveling to discover the world! 

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Ambassador Corps Member

Liat Sadovitch

Liat Sadovitch is a social responsibility advocate with a passion for creating positive change in her community. She has a strong track record of working with nonprofit organizations such as CADENA NGO, and community groups. Liat is also interested in jewish activism, being a pre diplomatic member in WJC, she is particularly skilled in developing and implementing outreach programs that engage jewish students with their values and identity. She is a teacher with diplomas on Community Building, Shoa Teaching, Jewish History and Identity. She is a firm believer in the power of education and empowerment to create lasting change and is dedicated to using her skills and experience to make a difference in the world.

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Chief Technology Officer

Aiden Ehrenreich

Originally from New Jersey, Aiden Ehrenreich is a sophomore at Georgetown University studying Computer Science and Government. Aiden believes it is important to conserve the history of the Holocaust and publish the stories of survivors while we still can, and hopes to contribute to doing so with MemoryBox. In his spare time, Aiden enjoys grilling, hiking, baking, and reading. 


Ambassador Corps Member

Lior Biran

Lior was born in Ramat-Gan, Israel, on December 9, 1998. He worked for the "Jewish Agency For Israel" for 6 month as a group facilitator, and had a few more different roles. Lior was also a staff member at the summer camp "Eden Village West '' in Healdsburg, California. Lior is currently studying a bachelor of computer science (BCS) degree at the Open University of Israel. Lior also served in the combat engineering corps of the IDF as a combat soldier and commander for three years.

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Ambassador Corps Director

Sam Prezerowitz

Sam is a student at a Jewish Community Day school. He was born in Portugal, lived in Paris, and is currently based in California. Sam is very passionate about history, rocket science/engineering, and film making. He uses his love for history and film to express Jewish culture. Sam founded a movie club to analyze movies related to Judaism and recently took the initiative to invite world famous World War Two art restitution lawyer E. Randol Schoenberg to his school. Through this initiative, Sam shared the incredible story of Maria Altmann and the “Woman In Gold” Supreme Court case with over 100 students and teachers. In addition to his leadership skills, Sam has a great sense of humor and an abundance of creativity which he most often expresses through the movies he produces.

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Ambassador Corps Member

Dario Cohen

Dario Cohen is an advanced rabbinical student and graduated in International Relations from the University of Palermo. He works to keep a commitment the values of the Jewish people and his mission is to preserve the memory of the Jewish people through generations by educating and sharing Jewish life and the values of Hesed and Tikkun Olam. He was a teacher at ORT Argentina for 5 years and a seminarian at Lamroth Hakol. He currently works as a youth seminarian for the NBI community in Chile and volunteer of the Latin American Jewish Congress.

25 years old. 

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