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Memory Box of the Month

Each Month, we spotlight a different Jewish Family, sharing their unique story.

The Falkenstein Family

Our Purpose

Every Family has a memory box. We display it for the world to learn. MemoryBox engages with Jewish families from around the world to immortalise their stories for all to discover and research. 

Our Supporters


MemoryBox works directly with the World Jewish Congress NextGen to connect with and share worldwide Jewish communities' stories.


Collaborations | Featured | Media

You may learn more about MemoryBox's collaborators and media presence through its featured locations on the following international platforms.

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Upcoming Events

 MemoryBox University Chapters host events to share Jewish culture, history and contributions to the world. Our hope is to foster intercultural connections and combat antisemitism on college campuses.

Jewish World Exposition

MemoryBox will be hosting an exposition at Georgetown University regarding the global Jewish community. This event will feature distinguished guests including Ambassador Régibeau of Belgium to the United States and World Jewish Congress Diplomats. The exposition aims to discuss how Europe is addressing antisemitism,  spotlight MemoryBox Jewish family stories, and discuss the applicability of Jewish values to diversity and inclusion. Ultimately, the goal is to combat misconceptions about the Jewish community and strengthen Jewish unity.

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