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Memory Box of the Month

Each Month, we spotlight a different Jewish Family, sharing their unique story.

The Judkowski Family

Our Purpose

Every Family has a memory box. We display it for the world to learn. MemoryBox engages with Jewish families from around the world to immortalise their stories for all to discover and research. 

Our Supporters


MemoryBox works directly with the World Jewish Congress NextGen to connect with and share worldwide Jewish communities' stories.


Collaborations | Featured | Media

You may learn more about MemoryBox's collaborators and media presence through its featured locations on the following international platforms.

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MemoryBox Achievements

Follow along the various events that MemoryBox and our volunteers have been a part of through the World Jewish Congress and more!

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MemoryBox Members Join Meetings With the European Union During WJC Diplomacy Summit

As part of the WJC NextGen Lauder Fellowship, several MemoryBox members attended high level meetings with the European Parliament, European Commission, and NATO Headquarters. Members discussed how to promote interfaith understanding within Europe with EU Coordinator to Combat Antisemitism Baroness Katharina von Schnurbein and with the European Parliament's anti-racism integroup director Jelena Jovanovic.

MemoryBox Meets Baroness Sluzny of Belgium, Hidden Child

MemoryBox had the pleasure of meeting with Baroness Regina Sluzny, hidden child during WW2. Baroness Sluzny shared her emotional story, hiding with a local christian family who took her in for many years. She explained the unique connection she feels to both her parents and the family that, out of empathy and a sense of justice, sought to make a difference by protecting her. Today, Baroness Sluzny shares her passion for interfaith understanding and continues her combat of antisemitism as the president of the Forum of Jewish Organizations in Belgium. You can learn more about Baroness Sluzny and her work here.

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